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Portrait Photography

Our portrait photography was born out of a deep-seated need to capture unique and amazing stories of human life. It is based on our shared experiences through our different cultures, walks of life, beliefs and memories that connect us all together. Portrait photography became a way of connecting with others through looking closely at the people around us which in turn has made us more open-minded, kinder and compassionate. It has allowed us to tell an underlying narrative about individuals who normally would remain unnoticed by many. Every story deserves to be told and so when we take a photograph it's not just a physical representation but one that speaks much deeper about its subject matter. Our portraits strive to make a greater impact in how we view ourselves and each other with respect like never before.

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Family Portrait Photography

We built our family photography service around the idea that every family moment is a milestone that deserves to be preserved for the future. Our families are the net that keeps us safe during the struggles of everyday life and each triumph is a reason to celebrate. Each of our team photographer has their own family and cherishes what family means. Find out more about the wonderful families we've worked with over the years. 

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High School Senior Photos

As we look back at our own high school graduation photos, they bring out so much emotion that can trigger powerful memories - smiles shared with childhood best friends, sweaty hours spent practicing marching band drills, the ecstatic feeling when you finished your last ever final exam.We wanted to make sure others could treasure those same memories by preserving them forever through beautiful photography. Senior portrait photography helps commemorate each student's transition from adolescence to adulthood and provides a lasting reminder of their vibrant youth as well as their bright future ahead.

Expecting "Maternity" Photos at Asbury Woods

Maternity Photography

We offer maternity photography  because of the emotional power of pregnancy. As parents, my partner and I understand all too well how quickly time passes, especially when you’re a new parent. When we had our daughter, it felt like the first few months flew by in an instant. We wanted to be able to preserve that fleeting moment in our lives so we could look back on it fondly for years to come. That’s why we decided to create a maternity photography service. Through our experience as photographers, we are passionate about capturing the beauty and emotion of pregnancy and childbirth: from your bump growing bigger each month, to the milestones of impending motherhood – such as preparing the nursery or buying your first baby clothes. These pictures will be a lasting reminder of this special time in your life when life changes forever with the arrival of a newborn.

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Newborn Photos Photography

The birth of a baby is truly a beautiful and miraculous thing. The first few hours of a baby’s life are so precious, yet fleeting. It can be hard to remember all the details of those new moments when you look back at them. Newborn photography offers the perfect way to hold onto these memories forever. Through newborn photography, parents can capture the beauty and innocence in their little one’s fresh first hours on Earth. From tiny toes to soft skin, these photographs will bring joy for years to come as parents look fondly back at this time in their child’s life. By preserving special memories through photos, parents have something tangible that they can keep for years and share with friends and family alike; a reminder of just how quickly their little one grew up!

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Headshot Photography

Headshot photography is an essential part of career building and personal branding. As it turns out, having a professional headshot can be beneficial in many ways! For example, having a professional headshot on your resume or portfolio can give you an edge over the competition by adding credibility to the document. Additionally, having good quality portraits of yourself can open up opportunities in many different industries from fashion to acting. Having a high-quality headshot will make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs and internships. Your potential employer or interviewer will take notice of your professional appearance and be more likely to remember you! Furthermore, if you're interested in social media networking, having a great head shot photo is important for creating an impressive online presence that will stay with people long after they've met you.

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